Fairy Mother

Even if the supervisors were monsters in our eyes, yet there was an angel among them. I don’t know how, but she always came when we needed her. She was a big lady, with red cheeks all the time, and every time she saw me, she took me in her arms, and bite my cheeks soflty, like a grandmother. She would always tell me : “Your mother is fairy that got lost trying to find me, but she will come after you, I promise you!”. She told me that my mother was a brave woman, the most beautiful one there is, and she love me more than anything in this world. I belived her, but when I saw Billy getting adopted, all my beliefs dissapeared.

Two weeks have past, and I was playing alone in the room, when suddenly, my angel came.

“Your mother is here! She finally reached you!”she said.

“Ï don’t have a mother, you lied. I am all alone.”

“No my little one, she is here. Go to the principal’s office, and you will find her there!

I was looking at her, and I can’t explain it, but I belived her, so I ran to the principal’s office as fast as my short weak legs would take me. There, the principal’s door, was half glass, so I could take a peak inside, without opening the door. When I looked, my heart stoped. She was so beautiful, so graceful. She was a thin tall woman, with long black hair, and her eyes were so green, like two big emeralds. I don’t know how, but it felt like I knew her, a certainty in my heart told me that she was my mother. She was talking with the principal, but then, she turned her look at me, like she felt that she was being watched. I opened the door, I went to her grabbed her skirt and told her: “You are my mommy right?”. She looked at me so suprised, and then a warmth filled her eyes and said: “Yes baby, I am!”

“Nicoleta, what are you doing here? Let the lady alone!” the principal said.

“No, it’s ok, because she will be my little girl.” my mom said.

“Are you sure honey. Maybe you want to see other children than decide”, a man said. He was a big bald man. His lips were full, and brown eyes looked at me with worry.

“Charles I am sure. She is my girl. Let’s take her home!” My mother took me in her arms and started to caress me on the head. I couldn’t belive it. After almost half an hour after she signed different papers, we left that hell place. It was all a dream. Even though I went in the past to different families and stood one or two days, this was total different. We didnt go home directly, my parents stopped at a large store, where they bought me almost a new entire wardrobe: boots, pants, shirts and a jacket. Everything was like a dream. I couldn’t understant everything that was happening, but I was happy. After that we went home. They lived in a 3 bedroom apartament. I think they just moved there, because there wasn’t a lot of furniture. When the door to my new home opened, a little puppy came to greet me. He was a Fox Terrier, and his name was simply Fox. He would become my best friend.

After my mother showed me the house, and my room that was full of toys, I asked if she will take me back there, or I would live with her forever. Tears started to flow in her eyes, took me in her arms and said:

“I will never leave you! You are our child, and from now one, this will be your house forever!”


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