Chapter 1

 Hello every one!

It is kind of hard to start, maybe because I don’t know where to start from. My name is Carmen, I am 25 years old and I live, let’s just say in Europe.

This is my first blog, so if it doesn’t fit your expectations, I apologize.

Why does the title say “Chapter 1″… well I fought that this blog should be like a novel, more precisely my memories but with fanstasy elements. It will show my life, from the moment I was born, until, well until present time I think. I said with fantasy elements because the names and locations will be invented, but the facts are real.

It all started in 1990, location… let’s just name it Jasyngtown. That was the year I was born. It was 5 Decembre, I don’t know if it snowed or if it was night or day, but on that day, I was brought in this world, and my adventure started. They say my natural parents were an alcoholic and a vile woman.I don’t remember them because after I was born, I was thrown in the trash with my big brother. He was only 2 years older than me. 

It was winter, and two babies were left in the trash, all alone, for nobody to take care of them, feed them, keep them warm. Somehow they managed to find us and they placed us in an orphanage. There the first part of my story begins.

Although it happened a long time ago, I have very strong memories of that place. The room where we would spend most of our time was large. By day it seemed like a game room. When you entered the room, you could see cabinets on either side, and right in front of you, a large TV framed between two chests. Those chests contained very old and torn clothes, which the children had to fight every morning to get the “best” clothes from the bad ones. It was a very sad Neverland, where the children hoped for their parents to come and rescue them. By night the room was a bedroom; the cabinets transformed themselves into beds, and the TV opened and showed just one cartoon. It was the only thing that put a smile on the childrens faces and mine before falling asleep.


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